You Can't Not Read It

Photo by Javier Candeira, 2005

feed me - read me
I need to know
you have chosen to see
what I've chosen to show

like me, rate me
you be the judge
allow me to plea
for a poke or a nudge

share me, compare me
do what you will
let my characters be
what you save or you kill

tweet me, send me
onto a screen
let a stranger agree
or dislike what they've seen

Give me your time
a little will do
help me to prime 
my invention of new

Road Trip (Apr 1999)

air tight
in wide open
sky bright
roads wind sloping
living green round about
clapping pavement before and hind
window down, my arm out
all the freedom i can find
music’s blasting, i don’t mind

little untainted alcoves
tall green guardians surround heavenly
tucked and stashed mystery groves
whip past me going seventy

lost and found on an interstate
wilderness without and within
my worries and sorrows abate
and my business of late
disappear here, how long it has been