Evanovich-Like Description

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae (5076304681)



A plethora of greens tumbled down the mountainous hill. Evergreens and bushes scattered amongst other assorted outcroppings. Additional amber, auburn, oranges and browns – sprinkles of brush –  dotted the clay drizzled hills. She knew that she should marvel at its beauty, that deep thoughts should come to her. But for some reason it reminded her of a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae drizzled with carmel syrup. If it had been a cloudy day she would have counted it for whipped cream and put a cherry on top.

Evanovich-Like Start

Never enough and too damn much.  It was why I could never stay in love, stay in a career, or stay at a body weight I could feel good about.  The word “stay,” was just creepy by itself. Like telling a dog its place … or a human.

So why were there rose petals in front of my feet? Who ordered the nasally violin music? Why was my mother crying her eyes out?

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers (Photo credit: avlxyz)