Terra’s Dream: NaNoWriMo Best of the Daily (17)

Terra sank into a sleep that engulfed her, like a thick liquid blanket, and warmed her body as her mind swam on.  She pulled herself into pools of purple velvet, beams of light piercing the surface far above, searching for her like bullets on a war torn beachhead.  Her LC bodysuit felt tight against her skin, so she removed it.  Below, a strange rock glittered up at her from the floor of this royal ocean, its exterior covered in mirrored ornaments.  She dove closer, looking at her reflection in the mosaic of looking-glasses.  Her hair flowed as if taken by a slow-motion wind,  Suspended in the heavy sea, she looked into the mirrors again and saw herself, naked, skin purple, whether by reflection or by nature, she wasn’t sure. Participant-2014-Square-Button Her face looked rested and carefree; she recognized the look of inquiry as she surveyed the rock.

Tune in for quick reads of the best (or least despicable) selections from the previous day’s word count, by virtue of my daily writing regimen for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  WARNING:  editing has not taken place.


ChalleNGe (March 1999)

young and older
tolerably bolder
striving to touch
a piece of the gold
not asking for much
just a touch

grown down from the playground
clubs, streets, or hallways
built them up in other days
adult to child to adult again
ending to begin again
peeling egos and pride
not just here for the ride

momentary rebellions
commentary from hellions
morphed by boredom
strive for freedom
not from oppression
but from regression
forward always
open doorways
let them pass

they’ve seen nothing
they’ve seen everything
warrants pending
young lives ending
a little girl shamed
a little boy tamed
by the knuckles of the father
why should we bother
stepping in the shadows
of each one’s life blows?

if cycles recycle
the drug of the mother’s
the drug of the brother
the pain of the sister
is some other mister’s

or maybe just self-esteem
or lack of a full home team
peer pressure?
fear measures
each new stone in the road
each new weight to the load
too much romance
can’t stay in their pants
filled with rap and rants
underage drinking
not enough thinking
lack of popularity
or too much hilarity
don’t play sports
’cause they don’t like the gym shorts

chance is the magic
to face off the tragic
burn down the failure
if you post the bail you’re
lending confidence
denting the offense
opening a window
to let fresh air flow
shaking the dust from
dreams that will come
out from the inside
where they were left to hide
not long ago

turning it around
boots pounding on the ground
beating out the cadence sound
efforts to become the crown
of their own new kingdom

making what’s theirs more
started from the ground floor
rocking with brilliance
shining self reliance
standing on their own two
what can they not do?

crossing the finish line
i give you class 1-99.