In Praise of the Ampersand

A scrap of red paper
stuck in a book
at Salvation Army
made this gal look

pages of poetry
poet of note 
ee of cummings 
& much that he wrote

I wondered if a meaningful poem could be constructed solely for twitter (with just 140 characters) and was pleasantly surprised when I built this one.   I was saved, as you can see, by the ampersand.  It’s a true story too.

Flow (a childish tribute to e.e. cummings)

do i stay or do i go?
which to ebb and what to flow?
keep my life an even keel
charring what is left to feel?
make a move while in my prime
or should i live the life of crime?

what to do, which door to choose
quit the game, or win, or lose
tell a tale, or spin a lie
bite my tongue or have a cry
chip a tooth or break a bone
playing tag while all alone?
freak of nature, Heaven sent
doomed to picture memories bent
amusing no one
carrying a ton.

pity me, monster manunkind
not, i got only what i brought
sift through sobbing
stories bobbing
down memory lane
inside, insane


I went looking for my favorite e.e. cummings poem and found this little blessing – Thanks to Mr. Jason McLaughlin for arranging it with my favorite instrument (aside from my mac):

Then there’s the actual artist – ee himself reciting his poem … click for more–>