My Favorite Moos

I do have favorites of my own – looking back.  I’m fresh.  I’m young.  I’m green.  I’m all of these things when it comes to writing.  So when I say, “these are my favorites,” I mean to convey the content that grabbed me the most or a clever attribute to a post as what I like best.  Please ignore any lack of editing or “newbie” mistakes.

Stay With Me

inturruptingcow2013Planet DiscoTank

Pi over T = WisdomDoom Pie

Sake Drinker


4-up on 3-18-13 at 11.21 PM (compiled)Handlings

Sycamore Trees and Green Folding Seats

The Sweeper and My Persian Rugs

Poetry versus Prose (Act One)

Time Ride

IMG_0178Time To Write

IMG_0175Vantage Point (Series)

English: A picture of a small perfume bottle o...

Church-Lady Perfume

English: A hindu devotee in Nepal

Tea-Time with Idaho Indians



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Moos

    • Thanks Ron! Thanks for following inturruptingcow as well. I saw that you read a little George. He appreciates that. I have him locked in a box right now (in a perfectly comfortable and humane way) but he intends to make a comeback. Ciao!


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