Versatile Blogger Award

versatileblogger11As is the norm when browsing blogs, I became interested in Knitting Rays of Hope through another blogger and just thought it was a great way to put kindness into the world – knitting hats for those affected by cancer and their loved ones, thereby also raising awareness.  So – I’m honored to be nominated by such a noble blog and will follow the prescribed method for posting that this nomination/award requires.   Being relatively new to blogging, I have some reservations about things I don’t understand.  At the same time, I want to avoid bad etiquette and express appreciation for legitimate praise and/or recognition of any sort.

It feels a little awkward because it reminds me of those chain emails I used to get before blocking the accounts of those contacts that sent them to me.  Jus’ sayin’.  So I want to put it out there that, while I am happy to put some links out there for the 15 blogs I want to recognize as my current favorites, I have absolutely no expectation that they, in turn, follow this custom.  While I read quite a few blogs, something like 100 blogs from time to time, I think 15 is a bit excessive when it comes right down to it.  Still, here goes:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I recognize the following 15 blogs for the award:

1) The Culture Monk – witty, thoughtful, relevant, and real… and he actually loves coffee more than I do (never thought it was possible)

2) Well Strike Me Down With a Ham Sandwich – Genius youth meets Monty Python with more than a dash of humor – University or not, I expect big things!

3) Writings of a Mrs – just your everyday peek into another persons life and mind – done very nicely

4) Tongue Sandwich – Totally inappropriate mess of intriguing subjects ranging from curious to disgusting – well researched (or are they?) and well written

5) Deconstructing Myths – many articles I agree with but rarely like, I should pay more attention to liking them – “Social Justice is built one idea at a time…”

6) MindSync – inspiring personal journey exposed

7) things + flesh – musician with soul whose music I’ve never heard but who writes tunes in my head and heart

8) Long Arm Films – Bloke talks like a pirate, inadvertently educates me on the world outside of the US, and makes cool lookin’ films with another bloke!

9) My Other Voices – multiple personality writing – I wish I’d thought of this but now I’d be nothing more than a cheap knock-off, no you wouldn’t, yes I would

10) Shelf Love – because I have a book addiction and because they do a great job of posting new and cool book reviews/summaries!

11) Kristen Lamb’s Blog – a writer’s dreamworld that blog of hers!

12) Written Words Never Die – a haiku lover and I’m always amazed at people who can state the obvious or the deep in such few words, and so beautifully

13) The Official How to Blog – nothing like a blog you think will be useful but pleasantly discover is a humorous, entertaining, and jolly waste of time

14) Socially Oxward – … me too – right there with ya’

15) acannawupaz’s Blog – new to blogging, this gal has some great stories to tell … if she’d just get busy telling them more often!

7 things about us:

  • I work with youth
  • I hate cancer
  • If I could I would do nothing but write for a living and give a ton of money to the youth program I work for now
  • I want to write anonymously for now, until I get better and get free in my mind
  • I live in Idaho
  • I believe music goes with everything
  • I believe people should read books or they will die stupid