NaNoWriMo Best of the Daily (13) – Bishop Patel

“Well now, I’d say you’ve just about answered every last question I had on this here matter, Maiden Hassium.  How ‘bout that?  You like to think you can stick t’ a plan in not sayin’ much and,” both Maiden Hassium and Terra jumped when he clapped his hands together on his next word, “POW – just like that, you end up with a Bishop who actually knows how t’ interrogate.  Participant-2014-Square-ButtonDon’t that just twizzle yer tendrils.”  With that he took Terra’s arm and began walking with her toward the portal.

Tune in for quick reads of the best (or least despicable) selections from the previous day’s word count, by virtue of my daily writing regimen for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  WARNING:  editing has not taken place.



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