I’m taking the MOOC on “How Writers Write Fiction,” over at http://courses.writinguniversity.org/course/how-writers-write-fiction and having fun.  Last week’s class was on opening lines and I discovered two wonderful methods that I used to create the following one liners.  Would you keep reading after these?

She died.   

Once when they were young, upon a ragged, makeshift boat, time was thin and they knew their childhood was drowning.

Someone obviously failed to take their medicine this morning.

Glass jars lined the shelf, their dead fruits preserved for posterity.

Papered plants, in a little plastic wrapped box, ignored the tiny inked warning; their unbroken seal read, “Nothing about this cigarette, packaging, or color should be interpreted to mean safer.”

The flashing clock lied its message into the cold grooves of my tiled soul; the window poured grief out of rhythm.

The wet metal railing above the whirring pavement below left a water line on my jeans.


3 thoughts on “#HeyWriters

    • Seriously? I’m actually writing that one but I was concerned people would steer away from that one because it might be depressing for them or … morbid. I’m not sure if you’re serious or joking, but I was aiming for a noun and a verb and thought of those. What do you expect is coming next? Lots of different directions, of course. I have the first few paragraphs already done but its one of those stories I don’t want to do any injustice by posting or publishing prematurely. It’ll really need some serious editing and revision to get her clearly represented.

      • I am serious! I expect a light hearted morbidity if that makes sense. Like, she died but it’s kind of a funny story. Keep writing it!! I want to find out who she is and how she died and how I should feel about it!


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