Desta wasn’t just a pretty bauble or a gorgeous housewife.  She was beautiful in the deepest sense of the word.  She was her own woman before she knew she could be and before Marlene or Katherine wore pants on screen.  A career woman with five children, a supportive mother, and a tender heart.

I guess when your mother is a one-room school teacher you learn a lot.  Some might say she had to learn the hard way, but we all become students in the end.

Graduated East Union HS in 1938.  She would have been valedictorian if not for a dispute between a teacher and a principal about she and one Miss Smutz.  Turns out Miss Smutz was related to one of them.  In the end, the Superintendent got involved and called a meeting with families, the two girls, and all parties concerned.  The Super thanked everyone for coming and…

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