Wentville Wind Chimes


Stacheldraht 05.jpgThe sound an old rusted chain makes when the cheap plastic seat, baked by the sun, has succumbed to one too many cracks and fallen off … and the chain hits the swing-set pole when the wind catches it. The sound of farm land metal (resurrected from a dirt grave where the orange-brown pipe has corroded for years) when it takes a dive into a burn barrel of the same color. That’s the sound wind chimes in Wentville make. They fit right into the landscape of yard trampolines and trailers, old tires and dead grass cradling yard trash.

Photo: “ Stacheldraht 05 ” by Waugsberg Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons .

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2 thoughts on “Wentville Wind Chimes

  1. Just the title alone has piqued my interest. Interrupting cow. Wasn’t that a joke in junior high? I’ll ask my wife and see… Moo! (what the hell was that?). I’ll LIKE your Facebook page if you do so in kind to mine. I wasn’t going to comment but I will also be leaving my well-paying, respectable job in 13 months to starve to death as a full-time author. Cat food tastes like canned tuna fish and it’s cheaper. It’s crazy but non-writers have no idea that we have no choice in the matter. My website is….MOO! — Jesus, if that happens one more time I’m out of here. Anyway, it’s http://www.jjwhitebooks.com You can click on the FB icon to get to my author page. You already follow me on twitter. Good luck in January. J.J. White

  2. So timely – your comment – I just discovered yesterday that the cheapest cans of tuna actually have that gel like cat food – so they are probably coming from the same canning process.

    So nice to meet another in my similar circumstances! Perhaps in 13 months we should form the “Wayward Writing Bums Canned Tuna Literary Society” as a support group. I live in the Pacific Northwest; stranger things have happened.


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