Building God

There’s a god in a building, just down from where I used to live.  He is going to get worshiped about twenty minutes from now.  I’m pretty sure he’s in there, because I see his people come and go, but they never let him out, at least not when I’m around.  Those people are a little different from me, so I figure that god  has a specific “type.”  Then there’s those folks at that other place; they did their building thing yesterday.  They like to take their god everywhere, so I’ve met that one.  He’s pretty old – the cranky kind – and he likes to talk about things we shouldn’t do all the time.  I don’t think he REALLY gets out much, because if he met other kinds of people in this world, he might like to discuss some other topics and, y’know – sort of mix it up a bit.

I met God in a bar once.  He told me a funny joke – clean and hilarious.  Later he told me I should really take better care of myself, and do more things that would make me the good kind of proud.  That was after we’d talked about life in general for a while.  I had to agree with him at that point.  Next morning I had such a hangover.  But instead of cursing myself for being an idiot, I rolled over and hugged my Bible.  I knew I was right where I was supposed to be.

He’s not always in the bars though, in case you go looking.  I’m sure he can be found in other buildings with the various names for God.  Just don’t pin him to a time or people.  He likes to spread out and get real close.  I enjoy our talks much more when I’m clear headed and healthy.  He likes to smile though good-hearted people, and (for real) He likes long walks, and just sitting and being quiet together.  I especially like it when he writes to me in all kind of ways.  Just the other day I read something that make me smile at another aspect of His kind of love.  Better than rocket-fuel that stuff.

I think people get afraid of different ideas about God and that’s why they stay in their buildings at specific times on specific days.  “IT IS WRITTEN, PERIOD EXCLAMATION POINT.”  I get that in a variety of ways from the building people.  Reminds me of those teachers who didn’t like us to interpret poetry differently from the most commonly held traditions.  I mean, I understand that red is red, like apples.  Except there are some that are green, y’know?  I don’t claim those “grapples” where some people developed a way to infuse apples with grape taste.  What – did they mess with the fruit DNA or something?  I’m not in favor of that with God’s character.  Shouldn’t try and mix too many human traits and opinions with a Creator like mixing fruit DNA or something.  Grapes and apples don’t even grow on the same kind of thing.  I wonder if there’s a lab in some of those buildings.

I should backtrack a little here and explain that I don’t tell this stuff to many people either.  Plus there’s the fact that we humans have a hard time describing living, sentient beings without using human terms.  We do it with our pets.  I even did it with God in this same essay.  So I’m really not much different from those building folks.  In fact, some of my favorite pals are building people – and sometimes, when the timing is right, I can see we share a little piece of His character in something we say or more usually – something we do.  That’s like finding a twenty in the pages of a book for my attitude and demeanor when it happens.  God is such a poet.



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