The Smasher Siblings


A diagram summarizing the tree-level interacti...

“Adam Smasher … is that your real name?”

I controlled my desire to breath a long, exasperated sigh.  “Yeah.  In case you didn’t catch that, it’s spelled A-T-O-M like the particle.”

“Are you, like, a professional wrestler, or a cage fighter or something?”

“It’s more like the particles that make up mass… um …” I shrugged.  “You bet.  Now can I please get my service turned on?”

The truth is, I’m not a violent person.  I’ve never been in a fight where I actually got a punch in before being beaten to a pulp or having my privates suddenly strangled by the morphing of my Hanes into a hammock by some punk at school … or wherever.  My parents were inspired by the advances in physics and the fact that they could make some kind of sense of the latest happenings.  Having such a perfect last name to assemble their…

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