Feynman’s Kryptonite


Terrance screwed his face into one big ball of disbelief.  He folded his arms across his chest and turned to the source of his annoyance.    “Haven’t you heard Feynman’s theory?  Electrons don’t all just look the same; they are the same.  They’re one.  They’re not “they,” it’s “IT.”  There’s only one electron in the whole universe, in all of existence.  It just keeps going backwards and forwards, turning into antimatter, and then turning around again and turning into an electron.  That’s why ‘all electrons’ look the same.  We’re just one gigantic dot matrix for God.  That’s Feynman.  Don’t you know that?  Hey man, those religious types that tell you we’re all one – ‘they in us and I in you,’ mumbo-jumbo?  They’re not too far off the mark, eh?  So quit acting like you’re some kind of unique being that can leap tall buildings .  I don’t care what blazing rock you crawled out of all naked and invincible Kal-El.  You got that?”



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