Neighborhood Watch (series) 5



Percussion cap muzzle loader

Jack didn’t talk about his sister much anymore.  I had met Grady when a case I was working on had brought me to Fingerbone for the first time.  She’d won me over but hadn’t been able to drag me back to her hometown for good … until she’d disappeared and I’d come looking for her.  Jack and I had finally found her near  Rhodes creek (her favorite fishing spot), with a .50 Caliber Maxi-Hunter Bullet in her brain.  It had been open season for muzzleloading rifles, which required hunters to be closer than usual for accuracy.  This meant mistakes were unlikely unless they involved dinged up trees or tracking a wounded animal for miles.  We’d closed the case.  But closure had never come for Jack and I.  We missed her.

So it was odd that he chose this particular moment to bring her up.  He was always careful with…

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