Neighborhood Watch (series) 2


An 8% grade with no guardrails


He took a turn off the highway I’d never noticed.  It started out as a dirt road, smoothed and dustless, probably one of the locals had sprayed it with some diesel illegally.  After the third sharp turn the truck hit gravel and Jack slowed down a bit.  “It’ll get a little bumpy in a few minutes, but we’ll save some time and the kid looks like time is more important than comfort right now.”  He had read my face and I acknowledged his answer with a nod.

“What about the call for help?  Won’t they be looking for us on the highway?”

“Doubt it.  They never take our calls up here as very immediate priorities.  By the time they think about scrambling a life-flight and calling for landing possibilities, we’ll be off the hilltop and pretty close to the hospital.  Beats waiting helplessly.”

The truck hit a patch where…

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