Neighborhood Watch (series) 1



It wasn’t that I didn’t care.  I was conditioned.  How many times do you recall hearing a dog yelping?  If we stopped what we were doing every time we heard a dog squeal or yelp, I mean do I really have to go there with this explanation?  Science fiction and ghostly cognition scenarios aside, there was something in the air that slapped the inside of my skull after the noise had already gone through my filter and factored into the “ignore” section.  I can’t explain what made me suddenly grab the bungee cord attached to that dog’s cry of pain as it plunged into oblivion and out of my memory banks.  That scene from King’s book came into mind with urgency.  It was that one from Dead Zone where the guy everyone thinks is okay just sinks into creepy, black evil and kicks a dog to death.  I turned…

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