Originally from September of last year – I thought this might be enjoyable to some newer readers.


1973 Chevy Nova SS

One morning this week I left my house in a rush.  I tossed some bags in my car from the passenger side and as I was walking to the driver’s side, I spotted a person walking down my street.  Since I haven’t been around often to be neighborly (I only moved in this cute little rental about a month ago) … and since I haven’t received any baked goods or invites to friendly poker games (I’m crushed) … I decided I better wave and smile.

{Pause here because I feel I need to address that thought some of you had.}  Yeah.  That’s right.  I didn’t wave and smile out of sheer human kindness or interest in another human being.  Unlike some folks who are socially wired and anxious to be around other people often – I am wired different.  I need solitude and time to think.  I need space and…

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