Short Fiction: Storytelling

I stumbled across this writer and fell in love with the content. Please, in the name of all that is creative genius, check out TL;DR.


“… and about ten minutes later I was trying to fight my way out from under the airbags. She came out of nowhere, I mean a deer in headlights is one thing, but what can I do when they just jump out from the bushes?

“Oh, can you hear me okay? Sorry, it’s just I’ve never seen a microphone like this. I’ve got a few condensers at home, but this thing is a little old school. Yeah, sure, I’ll move up a bit.

“Is that better?

“Okay, where was I? Right, so I finally get free of the from the airbag and I check to see if my girlfriend is okay, not saying much, you know? I think the deer smashed against her side of the car, that’s where the dent is, anyways, she’s moaning and muttering something so I know she’s not dead. I ask her for her cell…

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