Series – Characters

A stocky man with square features, TG is an obvious descendent of Scandinavian ancestors.  His gait has a peripheral intrigue to it, all at once forceful and manly, yet with a hint of a bowleg.  One would never mistake him for an English teacher, yet that is his passion.  A walking anomaly, the former Marine will just as soon pull out a guitar and belt out a homemade song to inspire his students.  He is a favorite among the youth.  He maintains tough standards in his classroom while still attracting (and entertaining) with his theatrical facial expressions and extravagant verbal ballet.  If there is one thing he is certain about, it’s just about everything he does.  Whether spawned from the Marine or the Teacher in him, TG has a decisive nature that makes most feel secure around him while a few grit their teeth.  TG is a loving and devoted father and husband and wants to teach his students the right things along with the “write” things.

I wrote this character sketch and the result of a writing exercise that asked you to write two sketches about two actual people you know, and then combine the two sketches to make one new character.  I finished this one about one of my good friends and former colleagues, and just couldn’t find the motivation to kill him off in some cruel genetic-writing experiment.  I did embellish with a bowleg.  It was either that or make him an outright pirate with a wooden one.  Don’t worry, I got permission to write him.  What can I say, he’s passionate about artistic endeavor.  He even wanted me to use his real name; but alas, not knowing what kind of misadventures I am going to put him in, I cannot, in good conscious, oblige.  Thank-you TG (you know who you are) for being so admiringly unique!

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