Ode to My Instrument

Enjoy more from the past while I recover from the present.


I’ve heard that artists tend to fall in love with one or more of the following (in no particular order, really):

  • themselves
  • other artists
  • their instrument(s)
  • applause.

I express this to say – well, I think I’m in love … with my Mac.

When I write poetry, my tools of the trade are the old fashioned pencil and paper.  But when I write the stuff I love the most, the stuff that pours from my head (in need of various re-writes), I need an instrument that can handle that kind of workload.  I sometimes forget the intricate circuitry beneath my “Dim Mak” fingertips when I’m typing a barrage of words on my MacBook Pro. When other people are in the room, they often stare at me with looks of concern and irritation.  I have to remind myself that Mac is my partner, not some rudimentary basket to…

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