Tomorrow I Move

Written over a year ago, I turned a spotlight on my trepidation before the move. Interesting how boisterous “change” seems in its approach, and how it whispers its way into your familiar and turns out to look completely different than you expected.


Tomorrow I move.  Everything I have right now can be packed tightly in a little Toyota Yaris.  Laundry travels easier when dirty, so screw the laundromat.  I’ll have plenty of time to sort through things I stash into bags and boxes, all mix-matched, once I get there.  After all, I won’t have cell service or high speed internet.

Where I’m going the town is claimed by a pack of wolves and Elk share the landscape.  The UPS delivery man leaves a company package on the doorstep of a townsperson because he knows the current place of business is closed and heard through a friend of a cousin that said townsperson has recently been hired on there.  Where I’m going, everyone knows everyone else’s business.  Mayberry meets Dodge is where I’m going.

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