Time Taffy Pull

Old Town Square, Prague 06

come some slipping down time
tick kicking my mind
with tipping tock bind
to little brittle life grime

says to me, "get on the ball
with your crackle of fall
crumpled up memory, small
no more puttings in there, doll."

too much slice of that there
holds me from my large all
locks me in duty square
slugs me with my all

no ground, fly and do 
no hush, rush to get done
so much, counting on you

time not only doesn't wait
it pulls sinews like taffy,
strings hopes to a line 
where they stiffen 
and start to smell moldy

4 thoughts on “Time Taffy Pull

  1. Thank-you! As for the photo, I happened upon it in from a creative commons collection (I think Wiki Commons) and thought I had a link-through. Now I’m bothered because I can’t find it on Wiki to do the artist justice. It’s of the famous astronomical clock in Prague I believe. Glad you caught this. Even though it’s a share-alike license, if I can’t find it again I should change it. Too bad because it was the best version compared to the others.


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