New Series – Characters

This series will occasionally introduce characters as they are born.  Some will be basic walk-ons and others will be underdeveloped protagonists or antagonists.   First up is Chung Najera.


Chung Najera is a careful young man.  As a boy he saved his allowance money weekly until he had enough for the bicycle he had wanted for two years.  When the store manager confirmed that the model was no longer made Chung was coerced into buying what the scrawny, pock-faced man said was the upgraded version.  The end result of this transaction was a broken bike (by Chung’s own disgusted hand) and a permanent adherence to a fiscal code that was to stay with him into manhood.  Chung never set his heart or mind on anything he didn’t already have the money to own.


It can probably be said that the deep impression this left on his development poured also into his spirit in other, non-fiscal matters.  A prime example is his response to his fiance’s remark that they should not worry about the change their union would bring to their respective lives, or the upset it might cause their feuding families.  The unknowns, she had said, were just that.  No amount of planning or waiting would give clarity about what might be in five, ten, or twenty years – all that mattered was their love.  Chung quickly ended the wedding with a solitary statement to his forlorn darling.  It sounded too much like buying on credit and without a warranty.  Chung very rarely invested without insurance.  And he never bought on credit.



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