Pondering Tiny

Screen from "The Incredible Shrinking Wom...

Screen from “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” (Photo credit: Scurzuzu)

Anyone remember that movie with Lily Tomlin, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman?”  I remember watching that movie as a kid and wishing I could actually recreate the chemical reactions for myself that had led to her shrinkage into tinydom.  What is it about tiny that appeals to us so much?
Did I really want to be little, or just live in an alternate reality or dimension.  Most likely the latter since, I can’t imagine the idea of large hands accosting me and bigger people controlling me sounding all that appealing.  Of course, as an adult, I think about all those times when I’ve felt like I didn’t fit in this world.  I imagine that would be a huge majority of my feelings as a tiny person.  I think about “The Borrowers” whose appeal was not lost on me either.  

I loved all the creative uses for everyday mundane things: a matchbox being retooled as a bed, a thimble as a bucket.  Innovation appeals to me still today.  So perhaps given enough “mundane” elements, I would enjoy this existence.  Living under floorboards, my only work to scrounge and gather food.  A tiny little escape from the pressures and fears of this world and existence.  

The Return of the Borrowers

The Return of the Borrowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then I think of books.  Writing.  I’d have to read HUGE print and worry about getting caught (unless I had a Big Person Protector).  I would have to write longhand with a piece of mechanical pencil lead and scraps of paper.  My hands would get so filthy and tired.  No little Macs in Little Person World.  

Meh.  I’ll stick around in this reality.  It’s not so bad, really.  Too bad the little people scenarios have been done to death.  Storytelling in such environments might be fun.  What do you think?  Is the miniature world idea universally appealing?  Why is it that we find it so fascinating?  What’s the psychology behind that?


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