November: A Good Month for Murder

A note to the NaNoWriMo followers and all readers of the Neighborhood Watch series:

I chose to grab this particular storyline because it was the most developed line in my arsenal that I could unleash and not feel protective or unhappy with it’s lack of polish or depth.  I realize in saying this, I’ve committed that terrible crime that parents sometimes commit where they talk about their child’s shortcomings to others in the presence of the child.  I share this, not to downplay the magnificence that is a developing, soon to be finished novel, but to relate that there are behind the scenes edits and additions going on that will not make the blog in the interest of time and effort.  Likewise, there will be changes to the “chapters” that may appear on those posts to ensure the whole thing doesn’t go south and contradict itself.  I apologize in advance to readers if this causes confusion.  Think of it this way – if you don’t know who did it, and I don’t know who did it, and the thing expands and contracts right before your eyes as this little story grows up to be a novel … then you get to watch the success or hilarious failure of the finish line in live time near the end of this month.  How will the story tie up all those ends fluttering in the wind as the late page turns?

Next episode is set to post before morning coffee.  Enjoy!



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