Those that follow me know I moved from a rather temperate place where snow only happens in between blinks and it melts hitting the ground … to a place where people sometimes have to dig themselves out from their front door. My lovely friends and co-workers are constantly reminding me that winter is coming and it might snow this week, etc. etc. etc. So when I read this poem this morning, it was like Reowr used silly putty on the inner workings of my mind and pasted it on the blogosphere. Enjoy!


Don’t speak to me of winter,
I know it’s coming fast;
Long summer days, warm summer nights,
Were never meant to last.

Don’t chill the air with frosty words
And make a bigger hole
Where warmth will leak and color leach
From pockets of my soul.

Instead, read me spellbinding tales
Of lands with balmy breeze
Where I can bask, bundled in bliss,
When digits start to freeze.  Copyright 2013 © Sonya Annita Song

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