The Antithesis of Extreme

Truth lies

Extremism – good and bad?  Good for sports.  Bad for government or religion.  That’s my couple of pennies.  Yet, speaking strictly as a writer with no dog in this fight – I think there’s much to be written amid the adrenaline in politics and special interests of all sorts.  The challenge is to write it without blowing a gasket myself.  Perhaps I prematurely spoke of an unbiased lack of K9 in said brawl.  But back to work.  Is the opposite of extremism … “anti-extremism,” or just a fictional, plain even-keeled and poker-faced leader?  Maybe a character that is never extreme in any way would do nicely, someone always cool like the Fonzie from the long ago show “Happy Days.”

One extreme opposite might be me editorializing:

“I’m on the soapbox here readers!  I’m preaching a new RELIGION or philosophy, if you will.  It’s called Anti-Extremism.  I’m so sick and damn tired of idiots dragging good causes into the crapper with their exaggerated sense of knowledge or angst.  I follow some of their blogs because I feel I should stay in tune with the stink they are spewing on a regular basis.  I don’t want to get swept up in it.  What am I talking about?”

C’mon dear reader.  If I told you that – I’d get hate messages and even more propaganda and I’d just have to pony up more anti-extremism to give ’em the smack down.  A never ending cycle would be formed.  Kind of like what’s out there right now.  Conservatives say this – Liberals say that.

Well it appears I have a prayer request – stop using extremist language in your anti-extremist preaching?

“Oh dear.  Absolutely right.  Got a bit off the beaten path it seems.  Well folks, all donations are final and non-refundable and it appears that will be all.  Doors are now closed for business so please watch your step on your way out.”

But seriously, I should write a character that never jumps … never loses it and rants, always keeps an even keel on all issues.  A person that all the “fact-checker” websites would always report as being somewhere between the truth and half-truth.  There aren’t any out there right now in the public arena, I’m afraid.  I think my other fictional country of characters would vote this person as PM or President or something.


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