1973 Chevy Nova SS

One morning this week I left my house in a rush.  I tossed some bags in my car from the passenger side and as I was walking to the driver’s side, I spotted a person walking down my street.  Since I haven’t been around often to be neighborly (I only moved in this cute little rental about a month ago) … and since I haven’t received any baked goods or invites to friendly poker games (I’m crushed) … I decided I better wave and smile.

{Pause here because I feel I need to address that thought some of you had.}  Yeah.  That’s right.  I didn’t wave and smile out of sheer human kindness or interest in another human being.  Unlike some folks who are socially wired and anxious to be around other people often – I am wired different.  I need solitude and time to think.  I need space and books to devour.  I enjoy a few close and trusted friends, but am not the typical “Blue” who is the complete opposite of my “Green” and benefits from a multitude of friendships of various depths and would love to pull up a chair right now and sit next to you – smiling.  In this particular case, I made a calculated effort to be “friendly” after determining from my head, not my heart, that it was the right thing to do.

{And continuing…}  So I waved.  I smiled.  He/she {that’s right, I didn’t look long enough to find out and I certainly wasn’t going out of my way to make eye contact} waved and did a little nod but no smile was recorded in the millisecond I assessed the response.

I jumped in my car and cranked the engine.  Now here I must pause again and paint a bit more of this picture for you.  When I write “cranked my engine,” I need you to visualize.  This was not the engine of a 1972 Chevy Nova 350hp SS.  I drive a 2005 Toyota Yaris Hatchback.  So when I write that I quickly plugged in my iPod and hit play on my current audiobook, shifted the manual stick into reverse and clicked my seatbelt, well … you get it.

As I mentioned, I was in a hurry.  When I cranked the wheel to back out of my driveway (did I mention that my driveway is big enough for four Yaris vehicles?) … I was still processing the wave/smile exchange and wondering if I should have devoted a little more time or maybe put a voice to it like – “Morning!”  Do I really need to explain that people like me have to think about things like that?

Toyota Yaris II

Point is – I backed up in the shape of a little “C” all within the confines of my driveway.  That means I messed up my depth perception and cranked too much.  This resulted in a maneuver that made me look like one of those remote controlled cars kids get for Christmas that bump into something and reverse in a tight circle and go again until they’re out of a tight spot.  But WAIT!  As if that wasn’t silly enough, get this –

In an effort to extricate myself from this awkward situation quickly (I’m thinking, “Who cares about the smile/wave fiasco now; I just need to save some face.”) I stepped a little too hard on the gas pedal and my back wheels (remember – YARIS HATCHBACK) spun the gravel from my driveway flying.

I just cringed.  I laughed a little too.  Well, I did.  But I’ll tell you what I didn’t do as I eased off the gas pedal and drove my silly behind to work.  I sure as heck didn’t make eye contact.


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