Minot Setback

don't mess with me!

don’t mess with me! (Photo credit: bluecinderella)

Since my last post I have experienced the following:

  • A 20 hour train ride from Spokane, WA to Minot, ND
  • One night stay in a trailer, in a barn, that smells like cat pee (but oh, the sleep was divine)
  • A day surrounded by 12 kids ranging from 7 months to 12 years (feeding time was very frenzied)
  • A night of ballroom dancing with people (most nearly twice my age)
  • Having my partner of 5 years being introduced as a “free spirit,” apparently relegating me to “some stranger hanging around the family”
  • An afternoon of hanging out with strangers eating Lutheran snacks and watching my Sweetheart work the room like a talk show host
  • An evening of the wrong choice for Pizza followed by the after-stress/depression crash in a hotel room next door to … you guessed it – a bunch of screaming, crying children.

Before I post seriously again, I get to enjoy another 20 hour train ride, hopefully preceded by a nice coffee and breakfast with my Sugarpea.  I may have missed several posts due to internet infrequency or lack of time.  But I will most definitely have more to write when I return full force Tuesday evening.




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