Lazy Writer?

Can a lazy person be a writer? I’m thinking – sure. A journalist on the other hand … probably not. I have been working on a special interest/historical piece on Hemingway for ages now. In early May I referenced one of my literary heroes – Ernest Hemingway, in an opinion piece. Ever since I’ve pondered just how close my opinion of him is to the real thing. So I decided to research and write about my search and find mission. Since then I’ve hit Wikipedia,, and and learned more than I originally thought I knew. When I went to write it all down I discovered that I’ve lost the knack I had for research papers back in school. I found that only certain things stuck in my head and, I’m suspicious. I am forming a hypothesis. Here it is: The ability to write a comprehensive piece on a researched subject is inversely related to the quantity of creative writing that has taken place prior to the attempt.

What say you?  I have been posting something daily since Mid-March and haven’t gotten tired or bored with writing.  But sometimes when I try to direct my own path, rather than following where my creativity leads me, I get bogged down, resistant … lazy.  Leave a comment and tell me about what laziness looks like for you.


One thought on “Lazy Writer?

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