Off the Grid

Today the phones went out.  It feels like one of those scary movies where a small town in the sticks is suddenly, and without warning, shut off from the rest of the civilized world.  Because most of the town gets what little internet it has over the phone lines – there’s absolutely no way to get any message to the outside world short of packing up and driving the hour trip to a place where there might be phone or internet.

I sent M an email from work – where there is a weak satellite signal we use for internet there.  I couldn’t text message her because her phone doesn’t support wifi.  So I sent a bunch of messages to a friend who had an iPhone too, and asked her to please relay the message to M.  If anyone tries to reach me, they won’t be able to find me.

So here I sit trying to evaluate the situation.  How can I live someplace where I may find myself cut off from my friends and family at any given time?!

Meanwhile, the man across the street is trimming his lawn.  People come and go, in cars and in four-wheelers as if nothing is the matter.  The workers on the new restaurant, in town continue working.  The local grocery store posted a sign that they can only take checks or cash since their phone lines won’t carry credit and debit card purchases to the banks for approval.  Yet their parking lot is no less full than usual.

These people aren’t worried or concerned much.  Perhaps its because they know, or assume, that the lines will get fixed eventually.  Maybe it’s because they have everything they need here among their friends and families.   What about those of us who don’t?

3 thoughts on “Off the Grid

  1. It’s a difference in lifestyle and mentality, haha. There *are* people out there that seldom, if ever, use the internet and prefer cash to debit card. Perhaps, this is a sign that you should either be living in a more populated area with better and faster net access, or perhaps you should wean yourself off a little so that you don’t become dependent on technology too much. 🙂

  2. Good point. One of my good friends from this town is constantly telling me the same things about technology. I think the situation will seem better once I have my own place. This transition is tough for the reasons reported in my post, but also because I live out of suitcases and boxes, don’t have my own laundry capabilities, am in a holding pattern until some things open up and move forward.

    ‘Nuff whining. Hey – thanks for following my blog and dropping your two cents.


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