Vantage Point

He’d been washing his flatbed trailer full of four-wheelers for over two hours.  The sound of high powered spray on fiberglass was driving her mad.  Besides, it had rained on and off all day long.  What the hell was wrong with this guy?  She leaned out the window, stretched just enough to see around the tree that blocked her view, and donned her best, “Forget to take your meds this morning, Mr?” face.  No effect.

That’s really all she had.  There was no way she was going to actually say anything.  It was only 4:30pm so it wasn’t as if he was disturbing anyone’s sleep.  There wasn’t a line behind him at the only coin-operated car wash in this one horse town.  The pelting water stopped.  She smiled to herself and breathed in a sigh of relief.  It started again.  She exhaled in a huff and slumped into her recliner.  “This looks like a job for iTunes,” she said aloud to no one.  Grabbing her iPod and her kindle, she settled in for a rest.  She had a little time and she needed to be patient.

Malone had been living in this town for a little over a month.  The “cabin” she rented wasn’t really a cabin at all.  She had furrowed her brow when, after following the directions on the plastic key fob, it lead to an upstairs efficiency near the main street in town.  There were, actually, traditional cabins among the other places for rent here.  She was relieved to find that she’d been booked in a room on a second story.  Except for the tree, she had a better vantage point.  It was a strange configuration, but with all the hunters that came here throughout the seasons, she had to admire the owner’s ingenuity in finding more space to build rentals.

A vantage point.  This job, that’s what she chose to call it, came at the perfect time.  Her vantage point at the present time was shedding entirely new light on her former interpretation of the past.  Now, whether she got paid or not, she intended to link that past to what she hoped would be a very near future.  Whether she got paid or not, she intended to break even.


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