You can really tell a lot about a blogger by the blogs they follow.  I’m still relatively new to blogging, but I read an interesting article the other day and learned a whole new way of looking at blogging.  Now, granted, I started posting because I wanted to be a writer.  (I only say that in past tense because I got sick of saying it and decided, for efficiency and the sake of my attitude, I just AM one.)

I read a book about … well – blogging a book.  It gave some helpful tips about getting your posts read, but it wasn’t at all about “fake liking” as Suze states.  I’m not paranoid after reading this article, but I will say it caused me to get more in tune with why I began writing in the first place.  In turn that caused me to review my blogs I follow and (sorry folks) I had to stop following a few.

I didn’t stop following because of anything that seemed malicious or dishonest in their presentations.  Rather, this was about me and my motives in following them in the first place.  I reviewed things like: the last time they posted something I liked, the continuity of their posts from the perspective of my interests, whether they had ever commented on mine or anyone else’s posts I follow, and the quality of their comments.

Looking back on what I just wrote, I can see how you might think me a bit snobbish.  To that I quote Hemingway and say, “whatever.”  My point is that I strive for a certain kind of writing.  I recognize that I may not reach that level now, or ever.  Hence the mock quote of a legend.  Hemingway probably never said that.  He also probably never gave much of his time to another writer with whom he didn’t feel a connection (unless they were buying).

I have found some of the best blogs by reviewing the blog list on a great blog’s page and clicking around.  I especially love when I find a little community of connected bloggers that write differently, but comment on each other’s posts with comments that are thoughtful or cleverly humorous.  I recognize that my posts are sometimes less than I intended.  I have a schedule to keep; daily at 8pm is the goal.  I am thankful for the many great blogs I have discovered – places where I can turn for inspiration, entertainment, information, or just friendly pondering over coffee.

Ernest Hemingway Writing at Campsite in Kenya ...

Ernest Hemingway Writing at Campsite in Kenya – NARA – 192655 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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