Something in Return

the world doesn't revolve around me;
it spins between everyone and no one.
people pleasers harvest sorrow in themselves
where planets of happy orbit their sun of night - 
darkness swallowed to front-smiles of performance
    while deeds rest dormant
    in minds of their very own pleasant.

i am not a person above described
    where gleeful returns are bribed.
i don't selflessly strive
for others to derive
something in return - 
something only their appeasement can do for me.
no, this i am not.

it's not about contenting myself or others first - 
people happen different; i'm not saying for better for worse.
i just live in respect
and attempt to reflect 
what is best for me
and others consequently - 
trying to be the person i want to be.

the seasons season, leave, and then return.
joyfulness, even sadness, comes and goes, and comes.
water becomes atmosphere, and then falls back.
investments always return, either wealth or loss.
and phrases told to children return generations later
    to teach other children once more.
returns are in Nature itself, and in ours.

so its not unreasonable when we do,
    when we say, or even when we feel,
to hope for some abstract physics.
wrong expectations would call for equal
    or sometimes opposite reinforcements.
those who deny this are either idealists or cynics.
    but really, even love boils down to something in return.

love for love, not always true but mostly.
investment for interest, always true, or costly.
nurture for nurture, care for care,
coming home early because someone is there.

affection for the nearness or a kiss - 
this for that or that for this.
even sacrifice can be for reward of giving.
our exchanges tell us most that we're living.
    is it so unreasonable for one to yearn
    for just a little in return?

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