Ode to My Instrument

I’ve heard that artists tend to fall in love with one or more of the following (in no particular order, really):

  • themselves
  • other artists
  • their instrument(s)
  • applause.

I express this to say – well, I think I’m in love … with my Mac.

When I write poetry, my tools of the trade are the old fashioned pencil and paper.  But when I write the stuff I love the most, the stuff that pours from my head (in need of various re-writes), I need an instrument that can handle that kind of workload.  I sometimes forget the intricate circuitry beneath my “Dim Mak” fingertips when I’m typing a barrage of words on my MacBook Pro. When other people are in the room, they often stare at me with looks of concern and irritation.  I have to remind myself that Mac is my partner, not some rudimentary basket to pour my dirty laundry into, or some punching bag at which to wail my anger.  But he always understands and just keeps being there for me.

English: An Apple MacBook in an aluminium casing.

I feel I need to pause here and write an ode to my mac.  I love him so much.  Yes – “him.”  Everyone knows macs are cute little gay men.  Duh.

Ode to Mac

so functional
so sleek
so sexy
so geek
    my mac!

I love how he keeps my myriad of thought organized and easy for me to find when I need something specific.  I love how he listens without comment, only occasionally making spelling corrections (he knows I’m an open minded speller).  He doesn’t criticize or applaud.  He just assists.  I like that about him.

I’m sure PC could do that too.  But Mac never makes me wait or tells me something else is more important than my writing.  Mac never interrupts me with other concerns (he knows I’m scatter brained, and that would ruin my productivity).  I had to let my PC go because of the afore mentioned personality traits.  My friends all tell me there are ways to train PCs, but what good is a partner that you have to work hard to change I ask you?

If you are a writer – or artist of another flavor – please take a moment to comment on your instruments, partners, assistants, and tools that you find “lovable.”  I’d love to know why you fell in love with ___________.


4 thoughts on “Ode to My Instrument

  1. I think it’s safe to say my laptop is my life. I don’t have a Mac, but a trusty Windows 8 laptop which I love. I could apply your whole post to my laptop 🙂 If it were to ever crash and if all my documents were to ever be lost, it would pretty much be the end of my life. No joke. I don’t know what I’d do O.o
    That’s why I take care of my laptop!

  2. I too have a Mac, though mine is a humble 2008 black edition MacBook. This thing is a tank. I’ve left it in the backseat of my car for about two full years now, taking it inside with me to coffee shops to pursue my fiction. Over the six years its been in my care it has fostered every piece I’ve ever written. Though a lot of my original writings were in notebooks, it all has to get typed up at some point.

    But, I’m starting to think it may be time to move on. The battery is toast, the charger is broken, and itunes works only part of the time. For now I find it endearing, the idiosyncrasies of an old man, but as I continue to write, and work on larger projects, I think I’m going to need another computer…



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