tender lasting (Oct 1999)

into my impossible she sneaks
out of my longing she speaks
for seconds or for a day
time is irrelevant that way
she catches my love constant
and recasts for a bigger bite

    and she doesn't even know she's fishing
        every moment near her i'm wishing
                and often recasting
                for a tender lasting

                                    bigger bite

English: Fly Fishing, Sandwick

7 thoughts on “tender lasting (Oct 1999)

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  3. I absolutely love your blog. I found you by a business card hanging in a coffee shop; Grangeville, ID. The name captured me, the writing entertained me, and so I stayed. I look forward to more Interrupting Cow.

    • Ha! I can’t believe those things worked! Thanks so much for checking it out. I work close by at a job that has been my life for 17 years so I don’t get much time to post. I hope you stay around during the countdown and beyond 🙂


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