Pretending Otherwise (Apr 1999)

peel and feel
with me here
tell me your real
and do not fear
be near
no matter where it takes us

everyone hides themselves and me
who do we think we’re supposed to be?

crack the stone
break your mold
help atone
our lies of old

like purple haze whispers
of screeching halt vespers
hint of edges brushed behind
out of practice, can’t find
our cliffs of dover
to even think about diving over
sailing into what we are
and how we feel
not what we pretend
but what is real.

peel and feel
don’t hide, ride
and trust the fact that the true you
the free me
will either be or not
but we will not be lies
wasting time pretending otherwise.

I took this picture myself on 14/05/05.


One thought on “Pretending Otherwise (Apr 1999)

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