Sake Drinker

She sits at the sushi bar and orders off menu.  She appears to watch intently as the chef prepares each order, but it’s just a front for her sake habit.  She wants people to think she’s important, a regular; she wants to be seen as flippant and carefree.  I’m irritable from the walk.  My thoughts are in warrior mode as a result.  So I instinctively shape her wants and needs into a victory in my mental war.  She is a frizzy old sweater wearing, frump of a gal with sinking middle class written all over her.  She would be on her tablet writing or communicating with someone if she was anyone of import.  She instead makes pitiful attempts to connect with the sushi chef because she has no one and while we were sitting here she probably just farted.

Now I feel bad that I’ve demolished her in this way.  I’ve really taken no prisoners this time.  I take a deep breath, readjust my thinking back to the original persona she was seeking.  I lift my menu and ponder.  I think I’ll have the Volcano Roll … and some sake.



4 thoughts on “Sake Drinker

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  2. I really like this, because it slips into the mind of everyone. The over-analyzing of another person, the way we think we can see past others’ disguises and find their true, repulse insides. I’ve been quite guilty of this a handful of times, almost always when I’m fuming or quietly boiling to myself over something that has rubbed skin raw.
    That, and I enjoy a good sushi bar. C:

    • I’d just walked more than my out of shape legs wanted and was having a pessimistic afternoon. Writing this (while embellishing much of it) was a kind of purging.

      If you’re ever in Seattle – check out my favorite sushi place – Nijo on Spring street. It’s within walking distance of the ferry.


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